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Бесплатный онлайн семинар "IELTS: стратегии успеха!" проводит директор школы, преподаватель из Великобритании, ведущий курс по подготовке к IELTS - Tim Carbutt.

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26 мая, в 19:00 

IELTS seminar: Preparation for IELTS – strategies for success 

"I decided several years ago to start giving regular free seminars on how to effectively prepare to take the IELTS exam since I noticed that many students joining IELTS preparation groups or enquiring about possible IELTS lessons at our school seemed very confused and a little intimidated by what exactly the exam consisted of and how exactly they would prepare to take it.

Therefore, this seminar is designed to not only give  a clear overview of the IELTS exam and its component parts but also to introduce some of the strategies, tactics and techniques which are so crucial to gaining the highest result possible. It also serves as an opportunity to outline what we actually do on our IELTS preparation courses. There is time at the end of the seminar to answer any questions about IELTS and IELTS preparation that you may have. The seminar lasts 60-80 minutes and is conducted in English"

IELTS / TOEFL : Your passport to a foreign eduсation

"I often meet people who are planning to study abroad at a foreign university and while they are aware that they need to take one of the two leading English language certificates (IELTS and TOEFL), they do not really have any understanding of the key differences in the format and style of the two exams and indeed in the skills and strategies needed to succeed. 

This seminar is designed to clear up the confusion and presents a comparison of the two exams both analyzing the format of all four parts and assessing how best to prepare for each of the exams. It will not answer the question "Which exam is better and easier?" but it will, hopefully, give an answer to the more important question "Which exam is better and easier for you?" The seminar lasts around 60 minutes and is conducted in English".

В формате дружественной встречи:

• Познакомьтесь с форматом экзамена, типами заданий и учебными материалами для подготовки
• Узнайте об условиях регистрации на экзамен
• Познакомьтесь со стратегиями, которые гарантированно повысят Ваш балл IELTS
• Узнайте, какие ошибки чаще всего допускают кандидаты при сдаче IELTS и как их избежать
• Узнайте, какие курсы подготовки предлагает New Planet


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